A new experience of immersion in the world of manga
Cutting-edge Technology

"Manga Dive" is part of the "Shueisha XR" project, which combines Shueisha's manga content and the cutting-edge technology to pursue unoprecedented suprises,experiences and the future of media.

"Shueisha XR”

When we planned the 50th anniversary project of “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 2018, we were inspired by the realization of the power of “original artwork” to excite fans, We launched "Shueisha XR" in 2021 in order to evolve it with XR (transcendental reality).

"Shueisha XR” Official Website

High-quality XR experience that only Shueisha XR can host.

The authors of the original work have responded favorably to this new challenge, but we are working closely with the editor in charge to ensure that we don't destroy the worldview of the original work.

"The fans who come to the show have their own interpretations and deep love for the work, so We provide a high-quality experience by searching for different correct answers for each work, scene, and character."

Through Shueisha XR's challenge to not only provide the experience of "reading" manga, but also to reconstruct new forms of content by combining cutting-edge technology, we will spread the appeal of manga even more widely and globally.